Yogyakarta: Kedai Organik Kolondjono - Vegetarian Friendly

This is not a new place but opened around 2 years ago. Owned by the founder of a famous Yoga studio in Yogyakarta, Balance Mind Body Soul pretty much affected the menu, not a super healthy, plant based, raw or vegan but here you can find good food and it's also vegetarian friendly. But can't help myself not to try Dori Fish Sambal Matah, you surely need to order this dish. I was quite surprise that it costed me less than thirty thousand Rupiah for a serving of fried battered dori with steamed white rice, man it's cheap and it was tasty! 

At least a single serving of salad is a must for me, is it weird to say that salad is my comfort food? I knew that some people are not into veggies, especially my friends that keep teasing me because I eat a lot of raw veggies. But I don't mind. Anyway, I ordered Organic Salad with Vinaigrette, Crispy Tempe, and Tofu Katsu.

The organic salad consist of lettuce, apple, tomato, cucumber, onion, and topped with toasted almond. What's on the plate is based on what they have on the day, means you may get less or more variation. The vinaigrette was ok, but not special. I'm not complaining because this place serves food in very affordable price. If you're a fan of Indonesian delicacy, tempeh! Go for Crispy Tempe, though it's quite bland but the crunchiness of every bites will make you want for more. 

The appearance was so tempting but the tofu taste way far from what I expected. Actually it was good, I mean the crispy bread crumbs, but the tofu itself was not tasty enough for me though the sauce was really good. I know that it's relatively hard to find good producers or was it me being picky? I get used to with soft tofu that taste like soy milk maybe better, so far it's the best I've ever tasted. It was from a home producer close to where I live. So it became a standard for me, not fair? I'm sorry. But anyway this is the place that I will come back whenever come to Jogja, because it's homey, the price is very affordable, and they also have dairy free milk such as almond and hazelnut milk. 

Kedai Organik Kolondjono
Jalan Nusa Indah, Narada 37
Gandok Baru 
Yogyakarta - Indonesia

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