Locco Gelato BSD City: A Local Gelateria in Serpong

Knowing that there's a new gelateria, I was so excited! Even better because it's located in Serpong, pretty closed to my high school. Oh how I miss my school! Ok so, it's Locco Gelato located at Ruko Versailles, about 2 shops away from Blenger Burger. Do I need to tell you the difference about gelato and ice cream? I wrote it many times, just in case you want to read about my best pistachio gelato experience from La Bottega del Gelato.

First impression was great, they did not use scooper but gelato paddle, good sign. Though they use see-through gelato display not ponzzetti, the metal tubs that used to store the gelato. I don't think there's any gelateria here in Indonesia that use ponzzetti. Even in Italy, there are only several places that still using ponzzetti. Gelato is softer than ice cream, less air, and it has less fat contain. Most of gelateria serve freshly made gelato that usually can stay for less than a week. 

Here comes the most interesting part, the flavors! Pistachio is always be a standard for me, if the place have good pistachio gelato means it's a good gelateria. Unfortunately the pistachio flavor here was not good enough for me though they have a decent Tiramisu gelato. Also had some other flavors such as green tea, cookies n cream, rhum raisin, coffee, and caramel. A single serving of gelato is IDR 25.000 and you can choose 2 flavors in a cone or cup. I know that this will be my new favorite place to have gelato to go, as there's not many places serve real gelato, and at least I can count on their Tiramisu gelato. Hoping some other flavors near in the future and better pistachio gelato for sure.

Please do not judge me because I had so many gelato, it's my favorite thing!

Locco Gelato
Ruko Versailles FA/5
BSD City, Serpong
Tangerang - Indonesia

On map: Locco Gelato located beside BelMart about 2 shops from Blenger Burger

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