Pasta Gio Bogor

"Where have I've been?" A question that I asked to myself about this place that opened their branch in Bogor around a year ago

Pasta Gio is originally from Yogyakarta, I found it out long time ago as I came there quite often "ya Jogja memang selalu ngangenin" . The concept of Pasta Gio in Bogor is the same as one in Yogyakarta, not a restaurant, not really a cafe, roofed but un-walled. A good choice to gather with some friends, the price here is very affordable too.

I didn't feel that I want a pasta for lunch, though I had a bite of my sister's Lasagna Verde. Don't be surprise that it's actually not green (verde means green in Italian). Thin layered pasta with tomato ragout, bechamel, and topped with cheese. Nothing special but it was good for a local pasta place, and it's cheap anyway. The unexpected Roasted Chicken that was really tasty, served with creamed spinach and mashed potato. To be compared with Kenny Rogers Roasters, it's much cheaper though the size was a bit smaller but for me it's tasty so wise enough to say that this is a must order.

Normally a bottle of cold mineral water or unsweetened iced tea or a glass of cold ocha at Japanese food restaurant is enough to cure my thirst. So it's unusual that I had sweet drink, but worth to try, a yogurt base drink, Banana Lassi. 

Pasta Gio
Jalan Pandu Raya no 21
Bogor Utara
Bogor, Indonesia

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