Matcha Fondue At Shirayuki PIK Jakarta

Is it a trend that you can have almost everything in Matcha flavor? Well I don't mind, because it's a good thing for me as matcha junkie. From martabak to ice cream, from fancy places to street food vendors, the point is many of them using not a really good quality of green tea powder (matcha). Some places that serve matcha ice cream using (that I know) the same brand but it's not bad, you know the one you can find in a taiwanese dessert place. Though I found a restaurant that using the lowest quality of matcha (the one that taste like soap!), it doesn't stop me to try every places that offer anything with matcha flavor. Yes I do take it seriously because I really like it.

for me the bitter the better

One of my favorite dessert place in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Shirayuki launched a super cute dessert just few times ago, it's Midori Splash. It's actually a mini matcha fondue served with some ice cream, fruits, cakes, and mochi. As heard that some people prefer another dessert place, for me the matcha dessert here is quite nice as it has stronger matcha flavor. Then how about the matcha fondue? Fun! How come it's not when you have green white chocolate fondue to dip in red velvet cake? It looks pretty cute, isn't it? Well no wonder, my Instagram video reached 3000 likes when I posted this matcha fondue.

What I really like about this place is because they make everything mostly from scratch, from mochi to cakes. The mini red velvet cake was super soft and moist, not overly sweet mochi, and a delightful matcha fondue are just enough to end up your day to share with your friends.

Shirayuki PIK
Rukan Emerald
Jalan Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk

Phone: 021-24080570


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