Rawon Nguling Malang - Jawa Timur

If you asked me what is a must try dish while in Malang, my answer will be Rawon though it's originally from Surabaya, East Java. Super tender beef with flavorful black soup made from various kind of spices and the essential ingredient called keluak or pucung (in Sundanese) for black coloring. Rawon usually served with a small portion of bean sprout, salted duck egg, and sambal

Rawon Nguling is located not too far from alun-alun kota Malang, the place was crowded probably because it was on Sunday. I got a deep dish full of Nasi Rawon (served with rice), Tempe Penyet, and Trancam. Trancam is a raw salad served with seasoned shredded coconut meat. I enjoyed every single spoon of my Nasi Rawon, the portion was quite a lot even the guys told me so. The soup was tasty, the meat was very tender, with all the spices infused, super yum! Though I prefer my Rawon served separated with the rice,

this was comforting, I'd like to have some more next time

Rawon Nguling actually came from a region called Nguling in Probolinggo, East Java. I found it out later as I continued the trip to Bromo and passed Nguling, unfortunately it was very late at night and the original Rawon Nguling shop was already closed. East Java, you got me one more reason to come back!

Rawon Nguling
Jalan Zainal Arifin No. 62 Sukoharjo
Malang - Jawa Timur

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