Nasi Kremikan Warung Mobil 88: Kuliner Malang

Just like some other east Asian countries, rice is the staple food for Indonesians. Here is the land when the people eat rice as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's at home, a warung, and even a restaurant. For an asian, I think I don't really eat rice quiet much. I don't eat rice everyday simply because I'm not really into steamed white rice unless it's nasi uduk hehe.. It's my comfort food, better than salad!

What's so special about this place? Warung Mobil 88 with its special Nasi Kremikan. Steamed white rice topped with various toppings such as veggies, glass noodles, prawn, meats, and crispies (kremesan). The glass noodles is similar to one in nasi buk (Madura's rice dish), sweet and savoury stir-fried glass noodles. The sweetness came from sweet soy sauce, one of the most common Indonesian condiment called kecap manis. For the meat you can choose between, beef, paru or both. Yes, Indonesians do eat intestines though we know that it's actually not good, high in cholesterol. I couldn't agree more, rarely consume it but when I do, paru is on the top on my list. Don't forget to put the sambal, it's not spicy at all (for me), tasty and tangy but sweet. At first you won't find this dish attractive, but after your first spoon I bet you'll ask for more.

Kremesan is crispy crunchy savoury granules, so addictive!

Warung Mobil 88
Jalan Bromo no 36
Malang - Indonesia

Opening Hours: 7 am - 2pm

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