Shirayuki Japanese Dessert & Bistro Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

Another place for Japanese dessert, it's Shirayuki. Yes, it's quite new. I'm not a sweet tooth person, but I do enjoy ice cream, gelato, and soft serve like really really well. OK let's start with this super cute snowman sce shaved Yukidaruma Matsuri it has boba, coconut jelly, fruit jelly, yogurt ice cream, fruits, stuffed mochi (mine: Oreo), and candy mochi in it. If you love fruity ice, you'll gonna love this because it came with fruity sauce (option: strawberry / blueberry). But I don't feel like it's special after its cute shape and pretty decoration. As you know, I am a big fan of matcha! So, ordering matcha soft serve is a must. Today, I had Shiratama Maccha Parfait (IDR 35.000), it contains Maccha soft serve ice cream, cornflakes, shiratama mochi, ogura (red bean), crystal jelly, coffee jelly, and biscuits. They used seaweed biscuits, I personally like the biscuit, I used to buy that kind of biscuit from Korean supermarket. Surprisingly, it suits well with the matcha soft serve. 

What's make this place better than any other dessert place? I can say because they serve great savoury dishes too. Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti (IDR 55.000), it's a pasta dish with watery cream sauce topped with fried battered salmon. I am not a fan of salmon, but it's ok, not fishy. My sister loves it and I think this place is better for their savoury dishes instead of the desserts.

Bolognese Gratin (IDR 38.000), I love it!! It's a baked tomato sauce pasta layered with creamy mashed potato. It's even better with some parmesan cheese on top. I personally love potato, so it's easy for me to say this is my preference.

Go for their savoury dishes! I personally love potato and their potato bolognese gratin was lovely. The parfait is good I like the Shiratama parfait except the coffee jelly, it has rhum in it and I personally don't really like it to be paired with matcha flavor. The soft serve was creamy, well I was expecting stronger matcha flavor. Well but I'm curious about the Kashoku flavor, I think I'll drop by to try it next time.

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