Cake A Boo at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

Peekaboo!! Currently the newest and the cutest cake shop in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), it's Cake A Boo! There are so many cafe and restaurant around PIK area, don't you agree that it's dominated by dessert cafe? Ok so, what's make Cake A Boo so special? It started even before looking at the menu. The place is so cute and colorful. I feel like I was in a candy factory. Living in a fairy tale with cheerful ambiance, oh it's just a start.. I can't help it to say "whoa" when I saw their menu, it totally cute! It looks like a story book, that always start with "once upon a time".

The first one to try, Nutty Hazel (IDR 35.000) - it's hazelnut mousse filled with chocolate brûlée. It was good but very creamy, most of my friends like it but it's just ok for me. 

Remember Dominique Ansel? The one who invented Cronut, he created another unique thing called Cookie Shot Glass in the beginning of this year. Good news that you don't have to go NYC to try it because here, they also have something similar. It's not the same but hey you can get the same experience, bite the cookie while sipping the milk.

Cheese Trap (IDR 30.000) - baked cheesecake with peanut butter on top. I think I said it many times that I'm not a fan of cake, not even cheesecake. But this one was so good, I really enjoyed it. Probably because of the peanut butter, it's a really nice combination.

Officially Tiramisu (IDR 30.000) - vanilla sponge layered with coffee syrup and mascrapone serve in an edible mug that made from white chocolate.

Tamaya Roll (IDR 25.000) - thousand layers of srikaya crepes with sticky glutinous rice, yes it's mille crepes sushi! 

Raspunzel (IDR 35.000) raspberry mousse infused with pistachio brûlée. Red is my least favorite color, but this cake is seriously yum. I was wrong that I thought it won't be good (well, because it's red). Pairing raspberry and pistachio is totally a great idea, love the pistachio!

Miko's Cake (IDR 35.000) - caramel mousse, crunchy caramel, and melted salted caramel sauce. It sounds very very sweet with those caramel things, actually it;s not. It's nice that they made their cake just enough and not too sweet.

Dice Cake (IDR25.000) - vanilla sponge layered with marshmallow and oreo. This is one of the cutest cake I've ever seen, but well I'm not a fan of marshmallow and oreo so it will be just good for my sight.

Nutella Burger (IDR 35.000) - red velvet bun with nutella patty and assorted fruits. Yes it's the star for today! It totally looks like a real burger, don't you think so? But unfortunately it was just good, I was expecting more.

Mighty Green Parfait (IDR 37.000) - green tea ice cream, biscuits, vanilla sponge, ogura brûlée, and green tea tiramisu. You know I am a fan of green tea, and I can be very sensitive when it comes to green tea. I can't eat if it's not good. I should say, this parfait was super yummy! It was really good, definitely a must to order. I can enjoy some of the cakes, but for me I prefer their green tea parfait.

Cake A Boo
Ruko Garden House
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Jakarta Utara

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