Shin Men Mall @ Alam Sutera

I visited this mall quite often, mostly to shop groceries. That day I was craving for ramen, so I decided to give it a try here. Actually I already had their ramen couple times when I lived in Bandung, well it was like years ago. Shin Men is located at the second floor, close to the Cinema. I found an interesting thing when I looked up at the menu, spinach noodle! Unfortunately they don't serve regular ramen with the spinach noodle.

Ok so, I ordered Tsukemen (dipping noodles). It was like DIY ramen, first you need to choose the noodle (IDR 14k), soup (IDR 22.5k), and topping. I had the spinach noodle, the other choice are the original and togarashi (spicy noodle). For the soup I chose Shin Men soup which is a chicken base soup. I had chicken karaage topping (IDR 14k) with additional tamago (egg). Unlike the regular ramen, tsukemen serve the noodle separated with the soup because you want to dip the noodle into the soup. But I wanted just a ramen with spinach noodle so I poured over the soup into the noodle, and put all the toppings on top, yes I got ramen with green noodle.

For a no pork ramen place, it was good. I personally love the spinach noodle yes as expected. The tamago was nice, not runny but kind of jelly texture, I can really taste the infused seasoning. But the soup was not as good as that I had when I was in Bandung, next time I think I will order the shoyu one. Well it's the safest way.

Shin Men Japanese Resto
Mall @ Alam Sutera (2nd floor close to the Cinema)
Jalan Jalur Sutera Barat, Pinang

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