The Fool at The Breeze BSD City

So what's so interesting about this place? It started since the first time even before coming in. To get to this place you need to get in an elevator, no front door. It's located at the roof top mall, it has indoor and outdoor area. I personally prefer the outdoor area, it is dominated with black, a little touch of yellow and greens. That day, we decided to have dinner inside. It turned dark like in minutes after we got there, but hey the ambiance inside was really nice.

I was expecting more when they turned the light on, but it was not helping. Ok I decided to forget about taking good pictures and just enjoy the ambiance, food, and the conversation. This place is just great if you like to chill because it's quiet and cozy or even to hang out with friends having some coffee maybe? 

Prawn Spaghetti Pesto, it's a pasta dish with basil pesto, prawn, and mushroom. What should I say about pesto pasta? Of course it's good! I think pasta is the safest dish to order when you don't have any idea what to eat.

Dori Pizza, thin and crispy pizza topped with cheese, greens, fried battered dori fish, and slightly sweet and sour sauce. The sauce was nice, it goes well with the dori fish. One thing to remember when ordering this dish, ask for tabasco! Yes, the only condiment that suit for this dish.

Creamy Pesto Chicken Penne yes another pesto pasta because we love pesto! It has chicken and mushroom in it. It was good and actually it was not so creamy, closely taste like to the spaghetti pesto that we had earlier. I love the penne, it cooked perfectly 'al-dente

Actually they also serve Indonesian food, one ordered Oxtail Soup (Sop Buntut) but I didn't get the picture. Dining out is not only about buying the food, you pay for the place and service too. It was a good time. So if you're around Serpong area and looking for a nice and quiet place to chill, this place is definitely for you.

The Fool
The Breeze Mall
Jalan Grand Boulevard BSD, Green Office Park
BSD City, Serpong

Ph: (021) 50385023

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