Teppanyaki at Nishimura Shangri-la Jakarta

First thing comes on your mind when it comes to Japanese food might be sushi or ramen. How about Teppanyaki? It's a bit underrated but hey it's actually more than just about the food, it's enjoying how it's made. For me, it is so much fun watching the chef preparing the dishes. One thing you can't lie after a Teppanyaki session is the smell that left on your shirt. Ok should I recommend you one? It's Nishimura at Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta. A good news for you because currently they have Teppanyaki Promotion (IDR 298.000++) with all you can eat side dishes including appetizer, salad, steamed dish, rice dish, and soup. Wagyu Teppanyaki Promotion (IDR 438.000++) is another choice if you're a fan of melting beef, say yes! The promo will last until 28 November 2014, so you better come sooner.

Let's start with Pumpkin Tofu as an appetizer, it is made from kabocha serve with shoyu a bit of wasabi on top. It has jelly like texture, I personally love it. I knew that some might find that it's not tasty due to it's mild flavor but this is a good one to start the heavy meal.

Salad - mixed greens and seaweed with Japanese style dressing. As you know I am a fan of salad, my favorite side dish! 

Steamed dish - Chawanmushi Ankake. Tofu custard topped with shiitake mushroom, edamame, and crab stick.

Teppanyaki - both the Teppanyaki set and Wagyu Teppanyaki set have the same elements, sauteed veggies, seafood, and beef. For the seafood, you will get scallop, prawn, oyster (love it!), and three different kind of fish (salmon, tuna, and butter fish). You will also get sirloin, tenderloin, and wagyu (if you choose the Wagyu Teppanyaki set), that can be cook as you preference. Can you guess mine? Yes, it's always medium. 

Rice Dish - you can choose yakimeshi (fried rice) or steamed white rice

Soup - Miso soup with soft tofu

For dessert they serve Coffee Jelly which is not milky or creamy but taste like black coffee. It just perfect to finish the meal, it neutralize after having all grilled seafood and beef.

We were lucky enough that Chef Sugeng, the Teppan Head Chef cooked for us. It was a nice lunch we had there, me and my good friend from Culinary Bonanza and her lovely nephew (as a treat, she got yummy chocolate ice cream for finishing her dishes). Eating out is more than just buying the food, but the place and service. Here at Nishimura you can get it all, good food, nice ambiance, and friendly service.

Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav 1

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