Seafood Kalimati: Mulyono 94 Jakarta

Seafood Kalimati: Mulyono 94 Jakarta

Seafood is what we get pretty often, my family used to frequently pay a visit to a seafood stall at Serpong area but they're no longer there and we've got no idea if it's stop operating or relocate to another place. So, it was not like in searching for seafood stall but we'd like to give a try this place named Seafood Kalimati. Located in north Jakarta not far from Jalan Gunung Sahari, there are few seafood vendors that starting to set up their stalls around 5 pm daily. We decided to pick Seafood 94 Mulyono, why?

Simply because they have the biggest stall with workers in uniform, it's probably a good sign, don't you think so?

It's really a good thing that none of use have an allergy to seafood, so there's nothing to worry about. Green Mussels and Cockles are must for us to order, let's say the appetizers. It costed IDR 20.000 per portion, it was decent but the dipping sauce was not suit to my palate.

Their Cumi Goreng Tepung (IDR 30.000) is one must item to order, crispy battered squid! Here's another one, Kangkung Cah which is stir-fried morning glory aka water spinach (IDR 9000) tangy shrimp paste well combined with the spiciness of chopped bird's eye chili. Ikan Bakar (IDR 50.000), for the protein source of course we got our favorite grilled pompano fish (kuwe), it served with sweet soy sauce, not bad, I will try their fried version on my next visit. 

Sometimes, the last is the best. You know I take it for the last because it was super tasty, Udang Saos Mentega (IDR 30.000). Fried shrimp with sweet, salty, and savoury sauce. Some other choices of sauce are available but go for this one. In general the food here were good, as a hint go for their saos mentega instead of saos padang. Please note that it's always crowded, if you don't mind to share table with strangers or you may want to come earlier. Anyway, the pricing is quiet affordable, so how about go out for seafood dinner with family and friends?

Seafood 94 Mulyono - Kalimati
Jalan Hidup Baru (Kalimati)
Pademangan - Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours: 5pm 

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