Sittensen, Germany 2011

If you're a tourist, there's nothing you can do here. It's is a small town called Sittensen. The closest big city is Hamburg. I like this place as it's quiet and not so crowded. There are some supermarket here like Rewe and Aldi. Just like some other place in Germany, every shop are closed on Sunday. There was a small grocery stall that sell local products which open on Sunday but it is a self-service, the seller was not there. So you will pay the things you take by putting the money in a basket. First thing came on my mind, OK this is great! I was amazed, I really love this. But it's something that impossible happen in my country, hands up!

I personally enjoy walking around the neighborhood, it's so peaceful. German house typically has three levels. From the outside it looks like there are only two levels but it's actually three, because most of German house has basement. I adore the architecture of old German house. 

There's a small road lead to the river. Usually in the afternoon there were some people doing a light running, walking, and biking. Sometimes I can see some ducks on the river, there're so cute.

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