Breakfast Buffet at LG Konjiam Resort

carb loaded breakfast
Konjiam Resort is a resort own by LG. It is a pretty nice resort that boasts the largest ski slopes in the Seoul area. It has more than four hundreds condominium rooms, a spa, golf course, and other facility. I had breakfast at one of restaurant in Konjiam Resort named Mirasia. It is an Asian buffet restaurant, they open the buffet for breakfast and dinner. 

french toast with blueberry jam
They served mostly Asian food but they also served western breakfast like french toast, various cold cuts, and assorted bread. I can say it is an awesome breakfast buffet. There were 5 types of porridge, fried rice, Vietnamese Pho, cereals, sandwiches, pastries, hashbrowns, freshly made omelette, and more. They also have fruits and salad bar, yogurts, sweet bean porridge, milk, juices, tea, and coffee. It was the best breakfast buffet I ever been so far. I couldn't taste all, but it was just nice looking all that food arrange beautifully. The restaurant itself is not really big but they have pretty much everything. If you ever coming to South Korea, Konjiam Resort is a must to visit for skiing, and have some delicious food at Mirasia! 

Mirasia LG Konjiam Resort
San 23-1, Doung-ri, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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