Breakfast at Seoul Olympic Parktel

green salad with onion dressing
I am not a fan of big breakfast, couple piece of fruits is enough for me. Some people enjoy breakfast at the hotel because usually they serve various type of food from cereals, cold cuts, bread rolls, fruit and salads, and also rice. Most of hotel in Asia serve rice as their breakfast, yes it is because Asian loves to eat rice even in the morning. I spent two nights at Olympic Parktel, this hotel located close to Olympic Park. It is an old hotel, quiet, and clean. I stayed at their hotel but later I found that they also have youth hostel. The hotel itself has a unique concept, "sport". 

nuts with fresh and dried fruits
For breakfast, they served mostly korean food. There were a lot of banchan (side dish) from kimchi to egg and of course they also served rice. My sisters had plenty off roasted seaweed while I had some greens from their salad bar. I also had some fruits and my favorite pistachio. I love the pineapple, it was so yummy, juicy, sweet and a little bit sour. I think it's local pineapple, in my opinion it's better than the pineapple that I got here in Indonesia.

Olympic Parktel
88-8 Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu
Seoul, South Korea
+82 2-410-2114

Directions: Mongchontoseong Station (Subway Line 8), exit 1

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