Banchan (Side Dish)

Banchan, korean side dishes. Small dishes that served with rice. It can be kimchi, seasoned veggies, egg, potatoes, fish cakes, anchovies, and more. If you come Korean restaurant usually the banchan is free, you will only pay for the main, stew, and soup. The most common side dish is kimchi. 

About eating out in Korea, eating alone is an uncommon thing. The serving size is normally big. It's because they share the food. For example, sampgyeopsal usually serve for minimal 2 persons. Don't be surprise if people staring at you if you're eating alone. But this should be ok at western restaurant or fast food chains.

Kimchi is consumed by Korean everyday, and so the rice. Kimchi goes well with anything, and kimchi is a must side dish at every Korean restaurant. The most common is baechu kimchi, the one that made from napa cabbage. I personally like fresh kimchi, because it's usually not to sour and very crunchy. Sweet pickled radish also very popular in Korea, they serve it like almost with everything, from noodle to pizza.

sweet pickled radish and kimchi side dish

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