Petite France and Nami Island 2012

Petite France is famous because of it is often used for drama shoot and tv show. If you're a fan of Korean TV show Running Man, you may know that they also filmed their episode here. I love European architecture and so this place. It's a great location for taking picture. The admission fee was about 8000 won.

Petite France
616-2 Gosung-Ri Gapyeong-Gun, Kyunggi-do

How to get there:
Kyungchun road : SangBong station -> Chungpyeong station. Take Gapyeong city tour bus or city bus heading Gojungri from Chungpyeong Terminal Bus : DongSeoul Terminal & Sangbong terminal -> Chungpyeong Bus. From Chungpyeong terminal, take city tour bus or city bus heading Gosungri 

Nami Island is famous because of a Korean drama called Winter Sonata that filmed here. I visited Nami Island in summer, and it was so beautiful. It's perfect for picnic. Beside of sightseeing you can also rent a bike. I had grilled chicken for lunch at one of the restaurant here, and also some soft ice cream. 

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  1. Hi there! i wanna ask, is Korea raining frequently on summer season? thx in advance:)