Every corner of the city is always beautiful, it is Prague the capital of Czech Republic. I spent 3 days in Prague at my Czech friends Kamila and Ondra. I made a trip from Dresden by bus, it took about 2 hours. I arrived at Florenc bus station, it is well located as it's very close to the subway station. 

The weather wasn't really good even it was spring. It was raining all day. I did walk a lot on my first day to the old town as Kamila was at work that day. In the evening me, Kamila and Ondra had dinner together, she cooked potato pancake and some sauerkraut. They came to Indonesia a week after my visit in Prague. It was nice that I found Indonesia Lonely Planet book on the their table, they were so excited about coming to Indonesia.

Charles Bridge
view from the bridge
On the second day, Kamila took me to the castle. Yes, the most famous touristic place in Prague. There're no admission fee. The castle is beautiful, they really take care of it. I enjoyed the view of Prague from the castle. This city is so pretty. If you ever coming to Europe, Prague is a must to visit.

Prague from the castle

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