Pizzeria il Montino Pisa

Farinata a.k.a Torta di Ceci a.k.a Cecina
It is one of the most famous pizzeria among the locals in Pisa. It was a little difficult to find this place because it's not located in a main road. I wasn't looking for pizza here but Cecina. It's actually farinata, a thin chickpea crepe, the people here called it Cecina. I had my Cecina with  Don't get misunderstood as Cecina also stand for dried salted meat in Spanish.

my favorite cecina with mozzarella
Of course I ordered some pizza, but as I was full I ordered as a take away. They asked if I want the pizza to be sliced, and I got the pizza wrapped in paper. I think it's pretty unique as most of take away pizza comes in a box. I like it as it's easier to carry with, and look how they stack the pizza, so that I didn't stick to each other. The owner can speak a little English so it's not so difficult to order. If you ever come to Pisa, il Montino is a must to visit.

take away pizza

il Montino Pizzeria
Vicolo del Monte, 1, 56121
Pisa, Italy
+39 050 598695

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