French Fries in Belgium

Liege Boulet and Frites
Is french fries originated from France? or Belgium? Both countries are claiming the ownership. I visited both countries, in my opinion Belgium deserved it. Frites are everywhere. Usually comes with sauce, mayo is the common one. Every frites shop has a lot of different sauces from mayo to ketchup, curry, tartar, cheese sauce, you name it. I had my first Belgium frites in Liege. I also had the famous Liege Boulet, a meatball with brown sauce.

mayonaise is Belgium typical condiment for frites
The potato fries usually sell in a small stall, usually they also have some other food like sausages. They also have frites baguette sandwich, half baguette sandwich filled with potato fries, mayo, and ketchup or any other sauce as condiments. It is very popular among young people. 

frites freezer row in a supermarket

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