Venice: Day Trip to Venezia from Padua / Padova (Veneto Region)

Finally, I made it to Venice. The beautiful place in north-eastern Italy. Venezia it's how Italian called Venice, located in Veneto region. The place that is always crowded with foreign tourists. My trip started from Padova, a small city close to Venice that is also in Veneto region. I stayed in Padova because it's less touristic than Venice, and of course there were a lot of things to see there, my host also brought me to an English club meeting. It was a great experience to meet locals, sharing about travel stories, and the most important, their suggestions about places to eat.

Venice is only very close from Padova. I took a train early in the morning, arrived at Venezia Santa Lucia Central Station safely in 30 minutes. I was so excited, I talked to my self "Finally, I made it". From the train station you can ride water taxi to get to the Rialto Bridge, the most iconic attraction together with the Piazza San Marco. But me, I decided to cross the bridge in front of the station, yes Venice is walk-able. Don't get confuse, just follow the crowd because they're all going to the bridge or the piazza. But make sure that you have a map on hand or a GPS app on your phone, because you can easily get lost in Venice.

It was magnificent, every corner of the street are just lovely. Spring is the best time to visit Venice, even it's actually always crowded with tourist all year. How I enjoy Venice? I bought some freshly baked breads from a local bakery, and went to smaller street. I found a place to sit next to a small canal, then I started to open the paper bag. No, I didn't eat the bread, but the birds. I had two scoops of gelato that day, from a gelateria called Gelato Fantasy. People said it's one of the best gelateria in Venice, well I couldn't say more but you need to find out by yourself. 

How to get there:
Venice Central Station is Venezia Santa Lucia

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  1. Hey Theresia! I have visited Venice many times but I had no chance to visit Padova. Venice is a very gorgeous city in Italy. It is unique and prominent in its structural design and well-known art. But now after reading your blog information I have decided to go Padova after my bus tours dc. I agree with you spring is the best time to visit Venice. The main attractions of Venice are St Mark's Basilica, the Grand Canal, the Piazza San Marco and The Lido di Venezia.

  2. yes, venice is so pretty in spring, Padova is unlike venice, it's not touristy. If you ever coming to Padova you should stop by at La Romana gelateria it's the best in town located in corso milano. It's better than Grom. Dont forget to get asiago cheese, it's very popular there

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