LOKA Supermarket, Baker Hood, Food Theater, and The Philocoffee Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera

Yes I live in Bogor, not in the city. I don't often go there, but I admit I do miss the food there. I spend most of my weekend in Jakarta. Serpong area is my second home, BSD city, Alam Sutera, and also Summarecon Serpong. I often go there for general things like banking, buying groceries, and of course looking for some good food. Last week I went to Flavor Bliss, I wasn't looking for food but to buy groceries. I saw the banner of LOKA earlier when passing Alam Sutera area. So, it's actually a group, LOKA the supermarket, Baker Hood the bakery, The Philocoffe, and the restaurant named Food Theater

I ordered Caesar Salad (IDR 35.000) from Food Theater. I love the grilled chicken, it was well seasoned and tender. When I was there, the restaurant was under construction so I had my lunch at The Philocoffee. On weekday, there were not so many people. It's a nice place to have a cup of coffee but I am not a fan of coffee so I got mineral water to accompany my meal. But, Affogatto sounds great, it's ice cream anyway.

The Flavor Bliss 2
No: 18B, 19, 20, 21, 22
Alam Sutera, Serpong
LOKA: 021-29005141

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