L'Ostellino Panineria Pisa

I stayed in Pisa for 5 days. This city is not big, I get used to get around by foot. I was arrived too early that day, this is one of the best panineria (a place that specialized in serving panini) in Pisa, they said. The owner said that I need to wait 10 minutes, the bread is not arrived yet. First thing in my mind, OK this is gonna be great because they only use fresh bread. I looked around, it's a small panineria, but I personally love this place. The interior is beautiful, yes this is Tuscany! That's why! They also have English menu, so it's easy to pick which panini (sandwich) you want to order. They have various types of cold cut, cheese, sauce, and some veggies.

Finally the bread is arrived after about 10 minutes, I ordered a panini with eggplant, sundried tomatoes, and pesto. I didn't feel to have some prosciutto that day. I don't think it is really on the menu, because I said that I want my panini with eggplant and some sundried tomatoes. I'm a fan of dried tomato, it was simply a satisfying brunch on the go. Portion was quite big, mild eggplant, tasty dried tomato, savory pesto, a right choice to taste Italian palate.

panini is being prepared

It cost me less than 5 Euro for a big panini. It was a half baguette sandwich. Pretty big for me, but well I eat a lot, I finished them all at once. I will definitely come back here someday if I had a chance to visit Pisa again. Ciao.

my favorite eggplant and sundried tomato panini

L'Ostellino Panineria
Piazza Cavallotti, 1, Pisa

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