Alfero Artisan Gelato Singapore

I like gelato better than ice cream. Yes, it is different, gelato is softer than ice cream and it has small amount of air. I had a lot of gelato while in italy, the authentic one is not the one that sold in a display freezer but in metal tubs called ponzzetti

I visited Singapore with my family the end of last December, for 2014 new year. I did browse on internet for places to eat. There are many Singaporean food blogger so it is actually very easy to get the information as they're pretty active in posting. I found a place for gelato called Alfero Artisan Gelato. What's so great about this gelateria? My first reason because they have black sesame flavor. They use fresh ingredients, and the storage time is for less than a week.

I had a waffle cone in a cup with a scoop of black sesame and of course my favorite flavor, pistachio. The black sesame one is really good, but I don't think the same for the pistachio. The pistachio is good, but not the best, my favorite is the one from La Bottega Gelateria in Pisa. 

Alfero Artisan Gelato
#02-226A/226B Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore

  • City Hall MRT Station (NS25 / EW13) and walk through CityLink Mall to reach Marina Square (turn right and get on the escalator when you see the directional signage indicating Marina Square)
  • Esplanade MRT Station (CC3) and access Marina Square via basement integrated walkway - Marina Link which is located just next to Esplanade MRT Station
  • Promenade MRT Station (CC4 / DT15) and walk through Millenia Walk to reach Marina Square (exit from Millenia Walk’s entrance facing Raffles Boulevard and get on the escalator to Level 2)

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Marina Square:

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