A New Gelateria in Jakarta: Grom Gelato Indonesia vs Italy?

NO! It's hard for me when it comes to compare things that I had earlier especially in foreign country with ones in Indonesia. If you're following me on Instagram you may notice that I have a huge crush on gelato, and so ice cream and soft serve. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. But it is different, a very simple proof, it is taken not with round ice cream scooper but sort of paddle. I'm talking about the American style ice cream that is rich and creamy while gelato is more likely light, soft with elastic texture. It's the taste, texture, also the main ingredient. Gelato is generally made from milk or sometimes with small amount of cream. 

There are not many places I know here in Jakarta that serve gelato. It is dominated with soft serve, it's very easy to name places for soft serve, they have many flavors to choose with some unique variations of toppings and attractive appearance. 

When I heard that Grom just opened their first outlet in Jakarta, yes this is a good start. Please, we need more gelateria, the proper one. I had my first Grom in Padova, a small city in Italy, my base for trip to Venice. They have branches like all over the country, tourists and Italian's favorite of course it is after the other their own region "local gelateria" because most of cities has their own special local gelateria. The famous in certain city usually the older or one that using only natural ingredients from its place of origin.

I did not want to waste any, finished one small cup and a small cone. Costed me IDR 48.000 for each, while medium size is IDR 60.000 with choices up to 3 flavors. It was not a gluttony of mine having the cassata siciliana and canella (cinnamon) on a cone, and my mandatory choices pistachio and nocciola (hazelnut). Personally I enjoyed fruits a lot, but not really into sorbet. I have a fundamental that a good gelateria serves good pistachio gelato, well it is an exception for Grom, they have amazing flavors to choose such as tiramisu, crema di Grom, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, and yes stracciatella. I prefer La Bottega del Gelato for pistachio, though it came out from the see-through display instead of pozzetti, the tubes to store the gelato. I am impressed that Grom is still using pozzetti, it may look not so attractive but they keep it classic. 

How was it? First spoon, it was a flash back. Sitting down on one side of a piazza, watching birds, when Italiano was the only language I heard. The taste of Italian gelato, my personal favorite Grom's nocciola was quite nice, sweet and nutty hazelnut, delightful! When it comes to flavor, I believe your preference might be different one to another. A gelato guide from me, you really can never go wrong with chocolate or vanilla, I said go for nuts or cheese, hmm ricotta? 

Grom Il Gelato Come Una Volta
Pacific Place Mall 1st level
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53

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  1. Thank you so much for the nice write up heytheresia. We are glad to be able to take you back to Padova with a cup of grom's gelato in Jakarta! Grom Indonesia