Travel: Between Anguk and Samcheongdong, Seoul - South Korea

It was my third visit, Seoul is always interesting to me. The subway, K-Pop Music in stores and cafes, tteokbokki, well pretty much because of Korean food. To describe Korean food through kimchi is definitely not enough, they have a lot which you can get if only you come and experience your own. Moreover, Seoul have many places to visit, from shopping street such as Garosugil and Myeongdong to historical sites such as Gyeongbok Palace and Hanok Village. I've been there few times, but one special spot that I want to share with you is Samcheongdong

Like no where else in Seoul, Samcheongdong is appealing yet very pretty. Definitely a good one for taking pictures, or walk around enjoying the other side of Seoul. Actually there's nothing much to do here but cafe hopping. The small alley is filled with small beautifully decorated cafe and souvenir shops. Yes it is touristy as it's not far from Gyeongbok and Hanok Village, but less popular to be compared to Myeongdong. 

There are many places to eat, mostly cafes but if you walk from Anguk you'll find some humble eatery selling tteokbokki, fried snacks, and kimbap. Bingsoo (korean shaved ice dessert) is a must during summer, portion is generally for sharing (2-3 persons). To be compared with the touristy Myeongdong, pricing policy here is relatively lower for street food snacks while it can be more expensive at cafes. There's a place worth to visit named Jaedong Sundubu (read, here), not too far from Anguk station. They serve basic korean food such as bibimbap and sundubu (soft tofu stew), quiet affordable, best thing is because they make their own tofu. 

Lovely neighborhood, a place that I always want to come back whenever in Seoul. 

Injeolmi Bingsoo

How To Get There:
Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) exit 1 walk towards Jeongdok Public Library

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