Resep: Homemade Thai Iced Tea with Boba (Taiwanese Pearl) Recipe

Firstly, I know some of you asking about how did I get boba? Online store, very easy. The good one should be more expensive, I got mine around IDR 200k for 2 kilos, that's a lot. You won't need that much. Cook it on high heat, usually take me about 20 minutes. When it's done, drain from excess water, add in some simple syrup. Make your own syrup by heating 1:1 ratio of sugar and water.

Second, Thai tea mix. I'm using this brand that I got from Grand Lucky supermarket. It's not an instant Thai tea mix, so you need to brew your own tea by adding it into boiling water, then strain using a strainer. 

It's not hard but it will take few times, cooking the boba, brewing tea, and making simple syrup. Fresh milk is one that I do recommend instead of using condense milk though you don't have to make simple syrup if you're using condense milk as it's already sweetened. I don't really drink milk, and I definitely hate condense milk, but those are not the reasons. Condense milk has a typical aroma which just fine but here we want to bring up the genuine Thai tea aroma so better with fresh milk. 

  • Thai tea mix
  • fresh milk or soymilk
  • simple syrup
  • some water
  • some ice
  • cooked boba
Tips: Fill in the glass with ice because super cold Thai tea is best. I won't give specific measurement because everyone has their own preference. I personally like mine with soymilk, with stronger tea flavor, and less sweet, how about you? 

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