D'Solo Restaurant & Coto Makassar Anging Mammiri Melawai

There are so many places in Jakarta for Javanese food, typically sweet but here it's definitely acceptable. Shall we start with Lontong Solo (IDR 30.000)? Sliced rice cakes that cooked in banana leaves wrap, hard boiled egg, shredded chicken, sambel goreng kentang (spicy potato), rich in flavor coconut milk soup, comforting for breakfast. It's probably one that I always look for when it comes to Javanese food, Selat Solo (IDR 30.000) a piece of meat with potatoes, carrot, snaps, pickles, in sweet and savoury sauce. As they used pressure cooker, tender meat in result is just nice. I personally enjoyed the sauce a lot, light, fresh, and sweet without bothering my palate. 

Selat Solo
Far away from Sundanese Nasi Liwet, Solo style is served with shredded chicken, hard boiled egg, and chayote that cooked in coconut milk along with some spices. It's a must rice dish to order, Nasi Liwet (IDR 32.000) tasty food, reasonable price, generous portion. No wonder that this place was packed with mostly families though it was on weekend and before lunch time.

Nasi Liwet Solo

Coto Makassar Anging Mammiri

You're right, it is one of the most famous places in Jakarta for coto. The previous place is closed, now they're at D'Solo Resto. A story that the owner of D'Solo is actually a frequent of Coto Makassar Anging Mammiri, eventually brought it here. Choices from meat to intestines, comforting soup, accompany with buras and ketupat instead of steamed white rice for fulfilling meal. Tasty tangy sambal tauco for a spicy kick, mix it into the coto for extra rich flavor and vibrant color for even appetizing meal. 

A place for rushing lunch, also weekend gathering with family. Good food at affordable price, generous portion. Anyway, they also cater lunch box for your special event.

Coto Makassar is generally served with buras or ketupat

D'Solo Resto
Jalan Melawai Raya no 189G
Ph: 62 (021) 7278-7371


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