Tim Ho Wan IFC Mall Central Hongkong: How To Queue and Order

Finally I made it! Tim Ho Wan is number one on my list when I knew that I'm going to Hong Kong. I visited their branch at IFC Mall Central. It was during lunch time, and yes there was long queue but honestly I have no idea where to start. I asked foreign visitors like how it works, so first you need to register. Go to the register counter, they will give a menu sheet and they will write your queue number on the menu sheet and on their book list. Make sure you get the yellow one (English) or green if you understand Chinese. Fill in the amount of each menu that you want to order. Then wait until they call your number. They only call the number in Chinese, yes I have no idea so I occasionally check out to the counter to update the current number.

I took about 30 minutes for me and my sister to get in. It's not really bad as some said that they queue for hours. To be honest I am not a person that queue for food, like seriously this was my first time and I have no regret even until today. I don't really aware of their title as the cheapest Michelin star restaurant, well it's more than just a tittle. I love their Baked Bun with BBQ HKD $19, it was so good! Just one reason to go back there, for their baked bun. You must order it! 

Steamed Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp HKD $26

Steamed Beef Balls with Bean Curd HKD $15

Pan Fried Turnip Cake HKD $15

Steamed Rice Rolls Stuffed with Shrimps and Chives HKD $26

*Price are based on my visit on July 2014

Tim Ho Wan IFC Mall 
Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station (Podium Level 1, IFC Mall)
Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2332 3078

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