IKEA Restaurant Alam Sutera Indonesia: Experience The Swedish Meatballs

Today on 15 October 2014, IKEA open their very first store in Indonesia. I visited IKEA, bought some kitchen appliances and had lunch there. You know what you should order at IKEA Restaurant, their famous Swedish Meatballs.

I got 10 pcs Swedish Meatballs (IDR 40k). The Swedish Meatball was a little bit different than the one I had in Dresden, Germany but it was good, it's meatball anyway. I'd love to come back for the meatballs, the sauce was tasty. I also had a Roasted Chicken served with mashed potato and dill sauce (IDR 35k). Here at IKEA Indonesia they only serve Halal food. I prefer the meatball that I had in Germany, but if you haven't had IKEA meatballs before, you should because this is the only IKEA in Indonesia. In my opinion it's not about the food but I said it's your "IKEA Experience". It's fun for lunch with family and friends, and oh they also serve cheap coffee (IDR 7k). You can also find hotdogs and ice cream close to the market hall, I had one ice cream that costed me only IDR 4k.

Do not expect more because IKEA food is actually closely like cafetaria / canteen food, and it's cheap! You got what you paid for,

but I personally love it, I call it "IKEA Experience"

IKEA Alam Sutera
Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard No. 45 Alam Sutera Serpong, Tangerang 15320 Indonesia

Phone: 021 29853900

Opening Hour
Monday - Sunday 10.00 - 22.00

Monday - Sunday 09.30 - 21.30

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