Milkcow Indonesia: First Outlet at Gandaria City Jakarta

 It was not my first Korean organic milk soft ice cream experience, as you know South Korea is one of my favorite travel destination. In Seoul, it was a huge thing but until my last visit (this summer) I found that the hype was not as great as earlier. Anyway, the same thing here in Jakarta, we already got WooYoo at Pantai Indah Kapuk and Honey Creme at Pondok Indah Mall so what is Milkcow? I knew they several outlets in Seoul, I saw one in Samcheongdong area. To describe, their ice cream is creamy and very milky yet sweet enough that only allows me to have just one. It was the case for the original with honey comb.

Though they have many toppings from caramel popcorn to ferrero rocher, I must say, go for the affogato. It's a great thing that they use local coffee beans, the most important thing that it goes well with the soft ice cream. A cup of ice cream with a hot of espresso, bitter coffee, sweet and soft ice cream, balance flavor. 

Moreover, the waffle was really good!! Super crispy yet soft inside, it won't be soggy in an instant when combined with the ice cream. If you're not really into sweet (like me) and if you're into coffee or even not, go for the affogato. Milkcow is surely not cheap, around 40-50k, I think it's fair enough as they give fine quality of the ingredients. 

Gandaria City Mall
Lantai 2
Jl Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta Selatan

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