Aloha Poke Singapore, YES for Hawaiian Food!

Ever heard about Poke? Well, it's a very popular dish from Hawaii, raw fish salad, tuna is the very common one. On my last trip during tight schedule of Influence Asia Award in Singapore (still can not believe that I'm the nominee for Food category representing Indonesia), I came to Aloha Poke for dinner. The one behind this place is Michael, contestant from Hell's Kitchen Indonesia. Thank's to my dear friend Natasha from Yummy Traveler for bringing me here with Julia from Anak Jajan. We're getting excited thought we're in a rush to follow the next event. Anyway, but we made it, here are some of what we had earlier.

But first Coconut Water to quench our thirst. As I know that ingredients in Hawaiian food are pretty much the same with what you can find in Japanese cuisine. Shall we start with Musubi (SGD 11) ?Sushi-like appearance, wrapped with nori (seaweed), fried spam on top, it was quite tasty as it has soy sauce glaze on top, savory and slightly sweet.

Next, Chawa Hawaii (SGD 8) similar to Japanese's Chawanmusi, egg based, very soft almost like soybean curd.

Poke Sampler (SGD 12) served with crispy nachos. There were two kinds of poke, first was salmon with wasabi seasoning and another one was tuna with spicy chili seasoning. How does it taste? It's Japanese meet Western food, soft and chewy raw fish coated in tangy yet fresh creamy sauce. I'm definitely down for the spicy tuna poke, addicting!

Ultimate Poke Bowl (SGD 18) consists of salmon, tuna, Japanese rice (white and red), lettuce, avocado, fish roe, dried fruits, pomegranate, pineapple, and green onions. Party in mouth sensation, to describe, it was like eating sushi bowl and refreshing salad at the same time. Personally I love the pineapple as it creates enticing taste that keep me wanting more. 

Acai Bowl (SGD 8) a bowl of acai smoothie topped with fresh fruits, granola, and dried cranberries. Refreshing yet healthy, good for you as acai berries is high in antioxidant.

During lunch time, they open the poke bar and serve poke bowl with "grab to go" concept. Simply pick your toppings for poke bowl from the see-through poke bar. While dinner is similar to dine in restaurant, beers are available too. I don't drink so having coconut water just enough to company the tasty poke. Verdict? Surely it is not for everyone, if you're into Japanese food or not having any problem eating raw fish, go give a try. Me? I'm not really into sashimi but yes for poke, I'll be back!

Aloha Poke
92 Amoy Street #1-01

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11.30 am - 2.30pm
Dinner 5.30 pm - late

Instagram: @alohapokesg

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