German Christmas Tradition: Stollen Bread Making at Marche Indonesia

My first Marche experience is when I was in Germany, one to remember they have delicious pretzel. Here in Jakarta they have 2 outlets, at Plaza Senayan and in the center of Jakarta at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. If I may ask, what's your favorite from Marche?

Will you agree me if I say Rösti? Marche have amazing Rösti, a very simple hearty dish but yet delightful. A Swiss dish made from grated potatoes as the main ingredients, some other ingredients may included such as cheese and wurst. Moreover, they also offer wide range of veggies to choose from the salad bar, of course with various dressing options. But personally, I prefer their Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. Well, it's getting closer to Christmas, a special thing from Marche, I got a chance to see the Stollen Bread Making. Stollen Bread is popular in Germany that is usually made before Christmas.

To experience the making of Stollen Bread, it was fun and of course the best part was the tasting session. Unlike most of sweet bread, the flavor will get better if you keep it wrapped in fridge for a week. Stollen Bread is actually has cakey texture, rich, and dense. Perfect companion for tea or coffee. Dried fruits, nuts, and spices are essential though the recipes can be different from one to another. Being said that every Grandma has her own recipe, a very special treat for festive season. 

This is an annual event of Die Brücke Jakarta, a German speaking women organization, and Marche Indonesia provide their kitchen also some of the ingredients. The Stollen Bread is sold in their yearly event, Christkindl-Markt. All the outcome will be donated for charity.

Marche Plaza Senayan, 5th floor
Jalan Asia Afrika no 8

Opening Hours: 10 am - 10 pm

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