Bibigo Indonesia at Pacific Place Mall - Jakarta

I knew that Bibigo has been here in Jakarta for quite a while, under a big name in South Korea called CJ. Too bad that did not even try while in Seoul, but well my Korean Food experience is enough after the third visit. Located in Pacific Place Mall, oh yes the same place as the proper gelateria Grom in Jakarta. I did manage to go there before heading to Bibigo, anyway some desserts before Korean feast, I can't say no to gelato.

Korean Chopped Salad (IDR 35.000) consists of napa cabbage, radicchio, bean sprouts, papaya, crispy spring roll skin dressed with fragrant Korean sesame dressing. Refreshing yet very tasty, it's made for everyone. I believe even kids will love it. 

Pajeon: Seafood Pancake (Regular: IDR 70.000) also known as Haemul Pajeon, various seafood and green onion pancake. Served on a hot plate, crispy on the outside, best to be dipped in sweet and salty sauce.

Cheese Dakgalbi - spicy stir-fried chicken with cheese. It's not only popular in Korea but also in foreign countries, Bibigo Dakgalbi consists of sliced chicken, cabbage, potato starch noodle, all coated in slightly sweet and spicy gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) with some cheese on top. 

Deng-Galbi, Back Ribs with Cheese (IDR 180.000) served in a hot plate with corn and fried potatoes on bed of melted cheese, delightful! Smoky yet very tender ribs covered with sweet and spicy sauce, salad with sour and salty soy sauce dressing is included.

Hot Stone Bibimbap (IDR 75.000) with additional egg or cheese (+IDR 10.000). There are three options to choose as topping, char-grilled beef bulgogi, chicken teriyaki, or tofu (vegetarian). I went for beef bulgogi bibimbap with additional fried egg. Let me give you tips about how to enjoy bibimbap, do not mix it right away but leave for a while so the rice will get crispy on the bottom, really it's the best part.

There's nothing better than Corn Tea when having Korean meals. The taste that always reminds me back to the days when I was in Seoul. It's probably a little weird for first timer but trust me you'll love it. Another option to savor Korean dishes instead from Korean BBQ places, you won't end up with smelly shirt anyway. 

Bibigo Indonesia
Pacific Place Mall Level 4
Jalan Jendral Sudirman SCBD

Opening Hours:
10 am - 10 pm

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