Things Get Easier

Unlike most of Indonesian food bloggers that do only food review, I share recipes on blog means I need to cook frequently. When it comes to grocery shopping, fresh market is always be my first choice though certain ingredients are only available in larger supermarket.

I've been using Samsung Galaxy Tab A with SPen for a while, it helps me a lot. Using the SPen to write down shopping list on S Note app, it may not save the time but I feel like doing the classic way with a pen and notebook. Moreover, browsing become easier, using the SPen to scroll down the page also moving from one tab to another has never been as easy as this. It’s possible to write using SPen on browser or search box as it will be converted into text. Personally I found it very convenient as I can keep my hands off the screen, no more fingerprints.

Just like what I did here, writing down shopping list for making Chicken Souvlaki.

Doing the things that I'm passionate with, cooking, traveling, and discovering food from places to places. Camera is my major weapon as I need to take pictures for my blog, also videos for my Instagram and Youtube.

Smartphone and a laptop are my everyday things, but when I'm out, I prefer to bring a tablet, especially when it comes to internet connection as it's supported with 4G LTE, like my Samsung Galaxy Tab A. As a blogger that is also active on social media, high speed internet is very important. From daily posts to sharing behind the scene from places that I visited on Snapchat, it has never been better with fast 4G LTE connection though I count on Wifi most of the time when I'm home.

Beside listening music, playing games is one of activity on my free time or while waiting. With the SPen that pointing on exact position, playing games became more attractive to compete with friends.

Another cool thing that I found out from this tablet is the multi-window feature that allows me to open different application at once. Listening music is a very entertaining activity that I usually do while browsing. Many of you asking me about how did I start this? Where to get the inspiration? Well it can be from another blog, websites, and videos. It has been a great experience using Samsung Galaxy Tab A with SPen, faster internet access, smooth and functional SPen, I feel like having a support. A noteworthy thing I said, start to do it not for anyone to see but yourself.

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