Sushi Sen PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk) Jakarta

A new Japanese food place in PIK, Sushi Sen, it is located at Ruko Crown Golf beside BC's Cone. It has been around 2 months since my last visit, an issue about the water in this area pulled down the hype for quite a while. But it's getting better. Anyway, talking about PIK, this place is already packed with dessert cafe and restaurants, come under Japanese restaurant. How about sushi? Answering the question, Sushi Sen is ready to serve modern Japanese food for lunch and dinner. Unlike most restaurants in PIK, they open for lunch until 2 pm and open again for dinner at 5.30 pm. 

Main door is beside the building, sliding door, Japanese ornaments, dominated with wood color. There are two seating area, must say that they really take it seriously for the interior, though I did not notice something catchy still it was like anywhere else but in PIK.

Started with Marinated Salmon Carpaccio (IDR 98.000) as the appetizer. Sliced salmon marinated in sour salty soy sauce topped with avocado paste, ikura (salmon roe), and wasabi leaf. Tuna and salmon aburi are favorite but I've never been really a fan of sashimi though when it comes to carpaccio, I really can't say no. Salmon was not fishy, the sauce was fresh yet tangy, to balance everything, mild avocado on top. 

Eating veggies is something that surely important, it's a relief that I have no problem eating them. Salad is definitely my fondness, Indonesian style, western, and of course Japanese. Wakame Salad (IDR 35.000) that always be on the top of my list, one that I often put in order at every Japanese restaurant, their version was quite nice, wise portion, my selection was with sesame dressing (you can't go wrong with it), the other two, house dressing and wafu. It consists of iceberg lettuce, sweet corn, wakame, chuka wakame, and dill. Sour yet nutty sesame dressing was perfect for my palate, also the crispy rice noodles on top, it's edible, I mean better than one that commonly found at some other places as I take it just as garnish.

Saving the best for the last? This is Special Gyu Don with Foie Gras (IDR 153.000) warm steamed white rice topped with sliced beef, onsen egg, and foie gras. Beef was tender, tasty sauce, creamy egg, and that crispy fried garlic!! Actually the original Gyu Don is only IDR 88.000 but if you want special topping it will cost you additional IDR 70.000 for uni (sea urchin) and IDR 65.000 for foie gras. Too bad that the uni was not available, better luck next time, maybe during lunch. 

Call me classic, Ocha (IDR 9000) is just enough for me. Verdict? Currently the best answer for Japanese food in PIK, anyway, their Gyu Don is a must try.

*prices are subjected to 7% service charge and PB1

Sushi Sen
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B no 1
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours:
Lunch 11 AM - 2 PM
Dinner 5.30 PM - 10 PM

Phone: +6221 22512669
Instagram: @sushi_sen

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