Bourbon Eatery & Coffee Mall @ Alam Sutera

I personally visit this mall quite often on weekday to buy some groceries. I saw on Instagram about this place, Bourbon Eatery & Coffee, and decided to have lunch here. I ordered Old School Fish and Chips (IDR 65k), it was good. I love the chips, fried battered baby potatoes, yes they use baby potatoes. I saw on the menu that they also serve Indonesian food like Nasi Goreng and Ubud Duck with Nasi Uduk.

I didn't try the coffee as I am not a fan of coffee, they had a promo pay 1 for 2 that day. They also have pastry selections, I had the Ovomaltine Cream Cheese Pastry (IDR 35k). For a coffee shop that located in a shopping mall, this place is so pretty. There are few spots to take interesting pictures, most of all I love the white table, it looks cute and of course it will make your "bird eye view" food picture looks even better.

Bourbon Eatery & Coffee
Mall @ Alam Sutera
GF Main Lobby

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