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A new place in Senopati area called The Hook, bring up the grouper fish as their main ingredients for their signature dishes. At first, I thought they're coming with British food, something like fish and chips, well I was wrong! Focusing on Indonesian dishes, also with Asian twist and fusion western food such as burger and pasta. A good thing that they really take it seriously not only the cooking process but the source, "organically & naturally grown grouper & pearl meat" they said. 

Let's start with Sate Lilit and Spicy Grilled Prawn as appetizers, the later was really suit my palate, spicy seasoning, smoky, naturally sweet prawn, finger licking good one.

Continued with Coconut Prawn (IDR 108.00), also Hot and Sour Soup (IDR 65.000) which is Grouper's fins and tails soup in hot and sour soup, though it was too sweet for my liking and for Indonesian tongue, it's actually not really spicy. The usage of typical Indonesian spices also kaffir lime leaves  Personally I'm not really into seafood soup, as I prefer grilled seafood but an exception for the Coconut Prawn, yes the prawn was exceptionally sweet.

One of my favorites, it's Rica - Rica Ribs (IDR 60.000), not beef ribs of course it's fish ribs, battered, coated with spicy savoury sauce, again with kaffir lime leaves, yes because it's rica - rica. Inspired by Manado food, this dish was really tasty, the only problem was the bone, hehe

Chinese style steamed fish with special soy sauce, Steam Humpback (IDR 1.450.000). A whole grouper fish, soft yet sweet flesh, perfectly cooked, not mushy. It doesn't need strong seasoning as the fish is good on it's own. Light and comforting, all you need is a bowl of rice. 

If you're not into Asian food them maybe you want to try this Pacific Burger (IDR 108.000), size was huge, breaded fish fillet, egg, and veggies inside sesame bun, with nachos as companion. 

Many people said that pasta is the last choice when you have no idea what to order in a restaurant but here, it's one of must try dishes, The Hook Aglio Olio (IDR 89.000). The fish on top is similar with rica - rica ribs that I mentioned earlier, but it was fish fillet instead of fish ribs. Must say that this one is best to my palate among all the dishes that I tried here.

The Hook has wide range of beverages from coffee based drinks, fruit juices to milkshakes but there are not many desserts on the menu book. I got mochi ice cream of course in matcha flavor, some other choices are Strawberry Panna cottaOrange Blossom (IDR 39.000) segmented orange with mint sauce, and Chocolate Overload (IDR 45.000) three scoops of ice cream inside edible chocolate bowl.

Food was surprisingly interesting as they have many to offer with only grouper fish as the main ingredient. Big respect as they care about the source of what will be on the table.

The Hook
Jalan Cikatomas 2 no 35
Senopati, Jakarta

Phone: +62 21 2751 3526

Opening Hours:
weekday 10 am - 10 pm
weekend 10 am - 12 am

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