Asuka JW Marriott Jakarta: Japanese Fine Dining

What makes Asuka so special? Located at the heart of Jakarta, more precisely at Lingkar Mega Kuningan, inside a luxury JW Marriott Hotel. They offer exquisite Japanese food experience, using premium ingredients that brought all the way from Japan, well-grounded chefs, I am more than excited to share my first impression for an Omakase dinner at Asuka. With good friend of mine Ellyna from Culinary Bonanza and Cherry, good companions completed the dining.

The first dish was my first ever Shirako, when I looked at the menu, I guessed, I've heard it before, it took few seconds until I realized that shirako is fish sperm. A Japanese delicacy, served with kyuri (cucumber), seaweed, ponzu sauce, topped with chives. The shirako was torched, aburi-like, so technically it's raw, I was thinking it was too extreme for a first timer but seriously it was actually palatable, well of course, just a skeptical thought on my mind, it's fish sperm!! While it can be different with foie gras that has typical taste so that some people can be really into it or hate it. To describe, creamy yet gooey, it doesn't have any distinctive taste.

The best time for Shirako around January to February, it may available all year but the quality may vary. So, if you're curious and dare to try, this is the right time. In fact that to me, it really sounds hideous at first but surely I don't mind to have it again but one to be cooked in certain way with more seasoning. 

Assorted SashimiToro? Salmon? I'm not really a fan of sashimi though when it comes to Salmon, I like it raw rather than the cooked one. Not to forget, always get some wasabi with any of your sashimi piece.

Nissin Nitsuke - steamed herring fish, accompanied with shrimp and imo sort of sweet potato, it was really good, similar to taro. Fish was a bit sweet and salty, flaky meat, not fishy though it's not my kind of dish but the shrimp was quite tasty, still very juicy yet sweet.

Gindara Saikoyaki - grilled cod fish served with sweet potato and hajikami (pickled ginger shots). Soft flaky flesh, smoky, must say I enjoyed until the last bite, yakimeshi would be a great company for this grilled fish.

A fascinated experience, friendly waiters and waitresses, we also had some talks, they randomly showed us the ingredients, such as these lovely Japanese tomatoes. Our host offered to sample, sweet juicy tomato with goma (sesame) dressing, honestly now I'm craving for some more. Special thing about Asuka that they're very personal, means they will provide customized dishes as the desire of guests.

Premium Asuka Signature Sushi, hand formed sushi topped with Asuka special sauce, spotted one with avocado on top, it was really nice, because of even just a tiny bit of avocado, creamy and mild flavor to balance everything in one bite. Eating sushi, shoyu (soy sauce) is the most common condiment, along with wasabi and togarashi (Japanese chili powder), the rule is to dip in the fish side into the shoyu (not rice side). 

Hamaguri - Clam in miso soup, a comforting soupy dish to finish up before dessert. Clam, shimeji mushroom, tofu cubes, sliced green onions, savoury miso soup. 

Kudamono - fruits for dessert, we got a slice of melon and strawberry topped with powdered sugar. A delightful dinner, nothing to complain about, good food, and what I'd like to underline is that the service was superb, more than a warmth service but the knowledge of their waiters and waitresses, it's how she explained every food that came to our table. They have wide range of sake, cold or hot, I don't drink so I got cold ocha instead of sake. To experience the Omakase dinner, price may vary, as I said earlier, Asuka is very personal, as it is possible to order your personalize dish. Starting around 2.5 million Rupiah per person for Omakase dinner, they also offer short-omakase for quick lunch. 

Asuka - JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jalan DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung
Kav E 1.2 no 1 & 2 Kawasan Mega Kuningan

Phone: +62 (021) 5798 8898


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