Akira Back Jakarta: The Affordable Set Menu Offering - Starting IDR 180k ++

Another Japanese food experience, Akira Back. To describe, their menus are quite unique as they present modern Japanese food, western inspired dishes but using ingredients that commonly used in Japanese cuisine with a twist of Korean, to me it's very interesting. Chef Akira Back is a Korean-born, and he used to be a professional snowboarder, more than enough to explain why menus here are quite unique and yass adventurous!

Widely known as a Japanese fine dining restaurant, Akira Back Jakarta finally dilated to middle market with IDR 180k ++ set menu, including starter, main, and dessert.


There are four starters to choose, first it's Salmon Aburi with yuzu soy, topped with peppers and radish sprouts. Actually Salmon Aburi is my must order in Japanese restaurant but I went for the Kimchee-se Sliders, warm toasted bun, juicy short rib patty with mozzarella cheese, it was really tasty and portion was generous too, big enough for a slider, almost like a burger. Next, Hachimaki Tataki, grilled yellow tail, sweet miso sauce, and yuzu soy foam. Lastly, the Fireball Roll, tempura cream cheese and jalapeno roll with spicy tuna on top. Nothing to complain about, I knew I'm gonna say it even before the main. 

Salmon Aburi

Hamachi Tataki

Kimchee-se Sliders

Fireball Roll


Grilled Spring Chicken, with roasted zucchini and gochujang (Korean red pepper paste), the Korean style sauce was really good, salty, a bit sweet, spicy (for me, not too spicy though) while zucchini was soft and tender, mild flavor to balance the spicy kick of the sauce. Shall we continue with Soy Braised Short Rib? Very tender short rib, savoury brown sauce, and smooth mashed potato. Beef and potato? Sounds classic, but with a dash of soy makes it still "Asian". Honestly can't get enough of the mashed potato, it was just right to my palate.

The other two, Akira's Chirashi (supplement IDR 70.000) and Sushi Platter (supplement IDR 80.000). You'll need to pay more for these two menus though it's fair enough. Big portion (especially the sushi platter) and a bowl of salad is included for each.

Grilled Spring Chicken

Soy Braised Short Rib

Pan Fried Flounder

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Akira's Chirashi

Chef's Selection Sushi Platter

The Dessert

If you're into Chocolate, you surely can go with Chocolate In A Cup, soft cake with rum & raisin ice cream, and banana foam. As a fan of Asian dessert, I chose the Black Sesame Cheesecake served with coconut ice cream. Fragrant roasted black sesame, tangy cheese, smooth and silky, combined with sweet, savoury, creamy coconut ice cream, delightful dessert.

Black Sesame Cheesecake


OK, this is their famous Tuna Pizza, thin pizza crust topped with tuna, sprouts, and truffle oil. I've fallen for this pizza, simple because (yass) truffle oil. But anyway, the crust was really good, crisp, crunchy, and buttery.


With only IDR 180k ++ from starter to dessert, I think it's fair enough, remember it's Akira Back!! Based on what I've tried, started with Kimchee-se Slider, then Braised Short Rib, and for dessert, Black Sesame Cheesecake. 

Akira Back
MD Place 12 floor
Jalan Setiabudi Selatan no 7

Phone: +62857-7778-8777


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