Chir Chir Chicken Jakarta, Indonesia (PIK)

Yasss finally a new KFC in Jakarta, I mean Korean Fried Chicken, it's Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory. From Korea to Singapore, now they're ready to serve you in Jakarta. Located at Ruko Garden House, Pantai Indah Kapuk, beside Mottomoo. If you noticed that on my list of 15 Must Eat Korean Food 2015 in Seoul, yes KFC is a must but even it's in Seoul, you definitely need to choose, OK, a reason to come back on 2k16. Meanwhile, I'm getting very excited about this place.

Update: I've been here 3 times already :D

Half Half Crispy Fried Chicken (IDR 149.000), it is possible to order different flavor but one must be the original, while you can choose the other between garlicky chicken or spicy chicken. I got the Original and Garlicky Chicken, crispy skin, super juicy meat, and the soy-garlic sauce was very tasty, salty savoury, finger licking good one! Mustard sauce was a bit strong for Indonesians as here we are most likely accustomed with American yellow mustard but really it depends on your taste bud. Anyway, they have cute mini tongs.

look at the cute mini tongs

Nest Snow (IDR 159.000) crispy chicken tenders with creamy sauce, mashed potato, and topped with whipped cream. Portion was quite big, 3-4 persons (in case, each having some other dishes). 

Spring Onion Nest (IDR 149.000) breaded deep fried chicken tenders, cashew, and garlic on a nest of spring onions, it is a true Korean style (the spring onions). I remembered my first KFC when I was in Seoul, I was skeptic about eating fried chicken with spring onions, in fact it's actually really good. Though, I don't think it's made for everyone, and the owner said that locals are not into it. Am I the only exception? Well, better not to judge, have a try, maybe you'll like it. A very important tip, stir quickly once it is served on your table, because you don't want the heat of hotplate cooked the spring onions, it should be fresh. Surprisingly, it's better than Snow Nest, boneless but still very juicy.

Cajun Chicken Salad (IDR 69.000) fried chicken tenders, romaine, cherry tomatoes, onion, and carrot topped with special dressing (similar to thousand island dressing) and grated cheese. Warm crispy chicken with cold salad? Well, I am a salad person, I can't eat without veggies. Actually I want to try their Mango Salad, unfortunately it was not available as they're still on trial opening, FYI, it will be opened for public on Monday, 29 February 2016. 

Blue Marine Tok! Tok! Mocktail (IDR 89.000) for 2 to 3 persons - very refreshing, but you know when it comes to Korean food, Corn Tea (IDR 12.000) is a must for me. If you're asking how about Beer? Yes they have several to choose, in Korean culture, Beer is always be the pairing for eating Fried Chicken.

I have a feeling that this place is gonna be one of the hippest in PIK area, let's see. The reason why, because they serve tasty fried chicken with good quality ingredients (you know, Singapore's standard) and simply because everyone loves fried chicken. I managed to go for my second visit next week, stay tune for the updates.

prices are subjected to service and government tax

Chir Chir Indonesia (beside Mottomoo, close to Cake A Boo)
Ruko Garden House
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara


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