RM Legoh: Nasi Goreng Hitam, Enak!!

Rumah Makan Legoh: Nasi Goreng Hitam, Enak!! Ask For The Secret Menu, and Please Order Nasi Goreng BaCuk

It's not a coincidence, visiting this place couple times for the ultimate Indonesian mandatory meal, nasi goreng. Originated from Bandung but it's also at Pasar Santa, the hippest food market in South Jakarta. Anyway, besides, they surely have a lot more to offer. I said, tasty Indonesian food!! More than nasi goreng. In general, the food here are really good, so it's unlikely ordering a wrong meal. 

Shall we start with some greens? Broccoli and mushroom, Tumis Brokoli Jamur: lightly seasoned veggies, juicy mushroom, simply comforting. Next, Tahu Cabe Garam: Seriously it's my kind of bean curd, I've fallen on my first bite. Crispy on the outside but very soft and smooth, it's not hollow, and taste like soy milk, super yum! The crumbs was salty (of course, remember it's cabe garam?), best with steamed white rice.

It's widely known that this place also serve pork, but you won't find it on their menu. Did you know it already? 

Secret Menu: simply ask for "menu kecil" for few pork items, personally I adore the Nasi Goreng Ba Hitam. There are two option for the meat, 'ba' refers to just pork while 'bacuk' refers to sour pork (marinated with vinegar). Fried rice with pork pieces, cooked with delicate squid ink and squid bites, flavorful, very fragrant! Tastier than Nasi Goreng Ba Cabe Ijo, as it's milder, also not too spicy.

If only it's near to my place, I definitely be a frequent. Lunch or dinner, both will be nice, it may not have the best appearance but taste. A humble place to pamper your taste bud, quite affordable, and surely delicious meal to savor.

RM Legoh
Jalan Sultan Agung no 9

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sunday 11.00 - 21.00

Warung Legoh Jakarta
Pasar Santa Lantai Atas
Jalan Cisanggiri
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours:
Tue - Sunday 11.00 - 21.00

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