Porkytiam - Jakarta: It's All About Pork

North Jakarta is filled with places serving Chinese Food, you can easily find pork dishes here. Here's a new comer, Porkytiam. Not a restaurant but, a humble eatery around the neighborhood. Not a huge fan of pork, but lately I've been eating like in many different places. It's getting easier to find, even in shopping malls, unlike few years ago that it can only be found in Chinatown district and Lapo.

Sate Babi Rempah Daging (IDR 35.000) well-marinated, slightly sweet, topped with fried shallot. Sate Babi Kecap Samcan (IDR 45.000) each portion of satay consists of 10 skewers, but it is possible to order half. The guilt feeling when eating this fatty satay, one is more than enough for me. When it comes to satay I prefer leaner meat.

Iga Goreng (IDR 48.000) served with green chili sambal, it was not super tender but still chew-able. The mild spices, crispy edges, if only a little more tender.

Nasi Khas Porkytiam (IDR 36.000) steamed white rice, topped with sauteed ground pork, green onions, fried shallot, and half of hard boiled egg on side. It was decent, certainly not my liking but the soup! If you order Nasi Khas Porkytiam, the rice will come with a bowl of house made soup. Super comforting soup, generous amount of green onions, with only mushroom and shrimps. Not a meaty broth but shrimp broth. Delightful, and surely affordable as you get massive amount of food.

FYI, they also have bakmi. Looking forward for their upcoming menu, Nasi Gurih Porkytiam, saw it on their brochure. A small place serving all pork dishes, personally I find the name very catchy, hopefully they will improve the menus. 

Jalan Pluit Karang Cantik Blok 4B No 7A
Jakarta Utara

Instagram: Porkytiam

Opening Hours:
07.00-14.00 & 17.30-21.30
Closed on Monday

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