1945 Restaurant at Fairmont Jakarta

A new name from Sari Rasa Group, 1945 Restaurant. The previous Sate Khas Senayan has been very success with branches at almost every shopping mall in Jakarta and around. While Tesate is taking another level, 1945 Restaurant is truly a sign to take the higher market. Located at the newly open Fairmont Hotel, Senayan. The soft opening will be at 17 August 2015, at the same time with Indonesia 70th Independence Day, reservation is needed during the soft opening. Meanwhile, grand opening will on October 1st, 2015.


The well-known Indonesian delicacy, Sate. Skewered meat with peanut sauce, choices from wagyu beef, chicken, lamb to fish (gindara). Each portion consists of eight skewers, on side: peanut sauce, sliced rice cakes (lontong), tomato, shallot, and sambal. Gorengan, platter of prawn fritters, fried cassava, yam fries, and rempeyek.


Meet the Indonesian-French, Foie Gras Duck Timlo. Spring rolls with vermicelli, poached duck egg, pan seared duck breast, and foie gras in duck broth. Light and comforting soup, melt in mouth foie gras, five stars in traditional way.

Main Courses & Nasi Goreng

Rice is surely a mandatory for us, Asians. Nasi Goreng, the most popular Indonesian food that has unlimited variation. Here, they have Nasi Goreng Kampung and my preference Nasi Goreng Wagyu. The combination of regular white rice and red rice is surely uncommon for nasi goreng, but in fact that it turned out pretty nice, also tangy pickles on top is one should not be missed.

Our very authentic, rendang is truly amazing, long cooking time is needed, patience. Just like, Wagyu Di Rendang from 1945 Restaurant. Sous vide method, extremely tender meat in result. Rice please. Tongseng Lamb Chop also sous vide, with deep frying final touch. Duck Galangal, duck confit served with mango salad, greens, and pomegranate. Crispy skin, tender and juicy duck meat, fresh salad, delightful even for who is 'not really into duck'.

If you have no idea what is sous vide, it's a slow cooking method where the ingredient is sealed in airtight plastic bag, cook in water bath, low temperature, for longer cooking time. The aim is to cook the inside properly, without overcooking the outer part and to retain the moisture.

Steak 1945, this is probably one that is not really "Indonesian" without seeing the sambal matah on side. Dry age (45 days) wagyu, the drying process intent tender meat and more natural flavor. Served with kecap barbecue sauce, smoky premium cut meat, with tempting grill marks, honestly mashed potato is needed.

Desserts & Drinks

Indonesian sweets, fine dining presentation, as tasty as the appearance. Nastar Cake pineapple cake topped with crispy buttery crumble. Frozen Srikaya Souffle a decadent cream souffle wrapped around a frozen srikaya center, served with pandan flavored glutinous rice cake (taste similar to wingko babat). Lastly, Tape Cheesecake served with vanilla bean sauce.

Ice cubes, it's so last year. Shaved ice balls and slushie are beyond my expectation. Thirst quencher, exquisite presentation. As my guessing, there's a little touch of Sate Khas Senayan, but everything packed beautifully fascinating. Modern cooking techniques, and premium ingredients are included in order to serve delicate Indonesian dishes. Foie Gras Timlo? Seriously, a right decision, eating French in Indonesian way. A place for special occasion that is just fit to every Indonesian palate.

Price range:
Sate & Appetizer IDR 100-190k
Main Course IDR 140-800k
Dessert IDR 80k

1945 Restaurant
3rd Floor, Fairmont Hotel
Jalan Asia Afrika No 8

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