It's not food related post, OK so I decided to add new page on my blog about style in general, things that pretty much related to me, things that I like other than food. As requested and because lots of people on my Instagram asked me about my hair. If you're into colorful unicorn hair, ombre, color blocks, but still want to have healthy hair, it's is not cheap. Here in Jakarta, the price starts from 2 million Rupiah depending on the beauty salon, your desired color, and also products. And what I want to share with you is also not cheap, I'd say it's FUN. Personally, I'm not really into hair coloring until I really did. Bright or pastel color such as purple, pink, blue, and green are faded easily, even if you do it in a hair salon because most of them use semi-permanent hair color. Retouch is needed most of the time. In my case, I like to play with the colors, mixing colors, experimenting, creating unique combination, because it will stay for only 1-2 weeks (DIY pastel color), but bold and neon colors will stay for months.

This post is based on my experience and some other informations from Youtube videos that I watched such as Guy Tang and Pulp Riot Hair channel.

Let's just start with bleaching stuffs. Sounds scary, true, I never really want to bleach my hair until I've heard about Olaplex (Go Google it), the magic formula. It's Olaplex no. 1 that usually use with the bleaching or hair coloring products to prevent over damage. Use Olaplex no. 2 after the chemical process, and Olaplex no. 3 for treatment at home. Olaplex is for professional use only but well here we still can get it in small amount, purchased mine from Binkdotz on Tokopedia. I used to know them because they also sell Manic Panic. Not sure about the other seller because I only tried once and I don't want to put risk, don't worry it works and it's not a sponsored post. I got the bleaching kit with Olaplex costed me around IDR 300.000, consists of:
  • 2 @ 30 ml Pravana bleach powder
  • 90 ml Developer 40 vol
  • 90 ml Developer 20 vol
  • 2 @ 3.75 ml Olaplex no. 1
  • gloves, comb, mixing bowl, and vitamins (bonus)
I have quite long hair, and I bleached half way down of my hair, you probably need less or more products. 
  1. Add in 30 ml bleach powder and 90 ml developer 40 vol, mix well then add 3.75 ml of Olaplex no.1
  2. Apply the mixture into your desired parts of your hair, please use gloves, apply evenly
  3. Leave for around 30 - 40 minutes, then rinse with cold water
  4. Repeat the process with the next mixture using 30 ml bleach powder and 90 ml developer 20 vol, mix, then add 3.75 ml Olaplex no.1
  5. After the second bleach, on towel dry hair, apply Olaplex no.2 (I bought it also from Binkdotz, it's IDR 190.000 for 30 ml), leave it for 15 - 20 minutes
  6. Finally rinse with shampoo, you can use purple shampoo to get rid of brassy hair or use white conditioner mixed with a tiny drop of purple hair dye, this step is important to neutralize brassy yellow on bleached hair. The easiest is using hair toner but it's hard to find.
The result will be vary to each person, for me, I bleached my hair three times, still good, thanks to Olaplex. Please note that you need to reach hair color level 10 to get pastel color. If it sounds too complicated then you can SKIP, instead get your hair bleach in hair salon with Olaplex treatment, try BloBar in Kemang, check out their website for the price, here.


There are 3 brands that I use for coloring, Manic Panic, Pulp Riot, and Pravana (semi-permanent series). I like those because they won't damage your hair, and you don't need developer. Manic Panic has lots of color range, ultraviolet (purple) is my favorite, you can mix it with Manic Panic Pastelizer or with white conditioner, hair stylists say no but it works (for few days up to a week). Personally I am really into Pulp Riot, the color stays longer than Manic Panic and you can mix colors to create new color. Pravana is the most pigmented among those three, to get pastel color you will need only small amount of the product (Pravana Vivids), mix with Pravana Vivids Clear or Silver.

Bought these stuffs from Binkdotz on Tokopedia, or check out Instagram @pravanaindonesia @pulpriotindonesia it's around IDR 200.000 for Manic Panic, IDR 280.000 for Pulp Riot, and IDR 295.000 for Pravana Vivids.
  • Purple Pastel 1: Manic Panic Ultraviolet + Manic Panic Pasterlizer / white conditioner / Olaplex No.2 if you have more budget
  • Purple Pastel 2: Pulp Riot Velvet + Pulp Riot Mercury (silver)
  • Pink Pastel: Pulp Riot Blush (soft pink) + Pulp Riot Mercury (silver)
  • Light Blue: Lots of white conditioner with a drop of Pravana Vivids Blue
After bleaching and hair coloring, rinse hair with conditioner, use hair mask once a week, also Olaplex No.3 as home treatment.

I ended up buying 5 products, not cheap, but you can save the leftovers for retouch or to create new style. A tip from me is to use your eyes to get your desired color, I'm still into purple anyway, his favorite color LOL. I've tried half purple paste and half pink, see the picture below. How about you? Send your questions to my Instagram @heytheresia don't forget to tag me with your new hair, good luck!

purple pastel with pink pastel (blush from pulpriot)

lots of white conditioner + a drop of pravana vivids blue, the other side was pulp riot mercury + tiny drop of blue

manic panic ultraviolet + pulpriot mercury

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  1. Finally! Thank you for the review kak!

  2. Gorgeous hair!
    Me also purchase my dentity (guy tang) hair color from tokopedia
    Just try it! You gonna love it!

    1. wah baru tau ada juga ternyata, thank youuu! I'll try later

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