AB Steak By Chef Akira Back Jakarta: A Modern Korean-American Steak House

It's unlike any other steak house, not really a Korean BBQ, AB Steak By Chef Akira Back. A new place to enjoy American steak with a touch of Korean, so how does it work? There's a grill on every table, the choice from Japanese wagyu to house-aged meat, fancy seating, it's a very unique combination. It's not too early to tell, "book your seat" - OK now let's find out the menu.

Appetizers - from Steamed Bun (IDR 150.000) to Scallop Crudo (IDR 135.000), very appetizing and flavorful, while Chicken Wings (IDR 95.000) was quite nice, a little spicy, tasted very Korean though, and Amberjack Carpaccio (IDR 195.000) too salty for my palate, probably as it's served on a salt block but the citrus sauce was really good, fresh, balance out the saltiness, I think it will be great if it's served on a regular plate.

Steak Tartare
Steak Tartare (IDR 185.000) - not a fan of steak tartare but yes to bone marrow, roasted bone marrow topped with wagyu tartare. Tuna Yukke (IDR 95.000) - so good.. soft tuna, crispy seaweed, it was a mouth-watering appetizer, not fishy at all, yet very addictive. 

Tuna Yukke
Shitake Croquette

You know I saved it for the last, these two are the bomb! Shitake Croquette (IDR 225.000) named it "fancy croquette" croquette topped with sweet shrimp kejang, sea urchin (uni), and caviar. I must say it's food that I won't share with anyone, we can order two instead, as it was super yum, very delightful, creamy buttery uni, sweet shrimp, we're ready for mains. But it's a no without salad AB's Caesar (IDR 110.000) again, it was super super good, grilled romaine, salmon, yogurt caesar dressing, trust me the grilled romaine was better than the salmon, well thanks to the lovely dressing, I'm impressed. 

The Steak - what's special in AB Steak? They have regular steak and house-aged steak. The cooking process is on the guest table, they have various salt as condiment, from truffle to yuzu salt. You don't need much to eat good steak, but sauce will enhance the flavor, yes they have 5 different sauces: salt sesame oil, soy-wasabi, sweet bulgogi sauce, fresh chimichurri, and samjang yess doesn't it very Korean? 

For the regular steak I got Japanese Rump A4  and Australian Wagyu Flat Iron / Oyster Blade, to describe the rump was nice, lean, but soft and tender, Though I prefer the flat iron, not very lean but a little chewy, sorry it's hard to describe it's just really good. But if you're into tender beefy meat then go for the dry-aged one. T-Bone or Ribeye, best part was the edges as it's a little bit dry crisp, nutty, and cheesy goodness. Also got a Knuckle that has been "cooked" sous vide for 24 hours, grilled, juicy steak! 

Price per 100 gr:
Australian Wagyu 9+ Flat Iron / Oyster Blade (IDR 225.000)
Rump A4 (IDR 325.000)
Knuckle (IDR 185.000)
45 Days Porterhouse / T-Bone (IDR 185.000) with minimum 500gr - 200 days grain feed
45 Days Bone-In Ribeye (IDR 199.000) with minimum 300gr - 200 days grain feed

45 Days Porterhouse

It was a very delightful meal, beef is probably my number one favorite protein, it's just really tasty and seriously good beef is good, it's different. I like both regular and dry-aged steak, but in this case, the 45 days Bone-in Ribeye was super, though the Porterhouse was good too. The special thing about dry-aged meat is the outer of the beef, dry, but nutty cheesy, yum!! Thanks to the dry-aging storage, well but can't say no to the Flat Iron / Oyster Blade steak, OK I have many choices. To complete, I got Coconut Mochi Cake (IDR 65.000) and Brandy & Maple with Nashi & Crepe Flambe (IDR 150.000). Anyway, the first mentioned was my kinda dessert, classic but unique, slightly chewy cake, salted caramel popcorn, and coconut sorbet, happier me. 

AB Steak Jakarta By Chef Akira Back
MD Place - Mezzanine Level
Jl Setiabudi Selatan no 7

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