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Have you experience camping? Some of you probably had the experience while in school. Sleeping in real tent, sleeping bag, camp fire. I was excited when I heard about this place, welcome to a newly opened resort in Lembang, it's Trizara Resort. Offering a different experience, glamping, a luxury camping with resort services, comfy bed, a great idea for a weekend getaway. Yes it's not just a camping site, but unlike any other resort, because here you'll sleep in a real tent. Anyway, they also have function room (I mean tent) for company gathering. 

It took about a year to build this resort, team up with the locals, definitely an interesting story about this place. Based on simplicity, a peaceful place that blend harmoniously with its surrounding. Not only the nature but the people. Their staffs are the people from near by village, I believe it will bring positive impact for both sides.

The Room

You don't need to set up the tent, just check-in and check-out. There are few types of room, that can accommodate two to four persons. Each room has bathroom inside with hot / cold shower, clean towel, and toiletries. Comfy bed, fluffy pillows, warm blanket to cover up from the cold weather. No TV and electronic entertainments because here you really want to get close to nature. Though electric water boiler is provided, because hot beverages is a good companion for cold weather.

the room


The Activity

Wake up in the morning with fresh cold air, start your day with a morning run. The path along the area, up and down the hill, better than running on the treadmill right? If it's not for you then how about Yoga class? A picnic in the afternoon is also a great idea.. Lembang is not very far, the newest attraction is Farm House where you can enjoy fresh local milk while taking pictures in an area that build resembling European construction. The other option is to go Bandung, but the traffic can be very bad on weekend so I suggest to stay in Lembang, it's very touristy though. It's not complete without food recommendation, ketan bakar is a must and to me I cannot leave Lembang without having tahu susu. With only IDR 15.000 you'll get a box of 10 pieces fried bean curd (tofu), there are few places but to me "Tahu Susu Lembang" has the best fried bean curd in Lembang, most likely in Bandung.

picnic time

When it gets dark, the perfect time to have BBQ with the view. Marinated beef, chicken, fish, and sausage, accompanied with fresh salad. If you come with a large group then simply ask to set the camp fire, get ready with a bag of marshmallow. Don't forget to bring the guitar.

Trizara by night 

Side lighting along the path that leads into the tent, night breeze, the sound of crickets, a good sleep is guaranteed. 

Great experience is not only about the activity or the place itself but along with the people, creating the moment. It's only few hours away from Jakarta, this place can your next destination if you're into outdoor living but with comfort and convenience. One that you cannot get in the city, it's the fresh air. Sleeping on a bed inside the tent, another way to rest and relax.

Trizara Resort
Jalan Pasirwangi Wetan, Gudangkahuripan
Lembang, Bandung

Instagram: @trizararesorts
Phone: +622282780085

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