Asiatale Resto, Senopati - Jakarta

Located in Senopati area that already packed with numerous restaurants, Asiatale Resto & Bar offers more than just a place to eat. They have modern Chinese interior, live music, drinks, spacious dining area, and of course good food. Unlike most the restaurants nearby, here, it's the place where you can enjoy hearty Chinese Food with your family or hangout with friends yes because they have lounge upstairs. The first question to answer, do they serve pork? NO! No Pork No Lard. Because, it's in the south? I don't think so, it's because there are good Chinese Food for everyone. But if you're a bit skeptic about this place as they're not serving pork and not using lard, throw away the thoughts, I will share some of the dishes.

Started with Asiatale Selat Popiah, stir-fried glass noodle and chopped veggies inside crispy shell, followed by the Five Spice Binjai Chicken. The popiah was good but to oily to my liking, while the chicken was tasty, deep dried, salty, crispy, yet moist inside. Served with spicy-sweet-sour garlicky chili sauce, best with steamed white rice but I said "no, not today" because they have various dimsum. Vegetable dish was a good idea though, I got 2-Ways Kalian, stir-fried Kailan stem with garlic and crispy deep fried Kailan leaves (reminds me of "kol goreng" hehe..), a must order side dish.

Asiatale Selat Popiah IDR 43.000
Five Spice Binjai Chicken IDR 116.000

2 Ways Kailan IDR 49.000

The dimsum, first was Chicken & Prawn Shumai, serve with bottled-kind-a-like chili sauce, well I end up dipped it into the fried chicken's sauce, one portion comes with there pieces of shumai with juicy prawn in the middle. Next, Barbeque Chicken Bun, just like typical BBQ bun, the filling was sweet but acceptable, bun was very soft. Our favorite, Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Balls, chewy glutinous rice dough filled with salted egg yolk lava, yes you may want to be careful of the bursting egg yolk sauce. It was not too sweet yet with a very mild salted egg yolk taste, less grainy, even you're not really a fan of salted egg, you'll probably eating more than one bite. Lastly, Portugese Egg Tart, size was quite small but tasty, it's the crumbly skins that fall-apart on your first bite, slightly sweet eggy filling that smell eggless (which I like the most).

Chicken & Prawn Shumai IDR 24.000

BBQ Chicken Bun (Cha Siu Bao) IDR 24.000

Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Ball IDR 26.000

Portugese Egg Tart IDR 24.000

When coming to a new place that you have no idea about what to order or let's say you read the review earlier, sometimes it's not always turned out as you expected. It could be because of the place, ambiance, the most notable are the food and service. 

This place is not only worth to try but definitely one to come back again and personally, I was impressed with the food more than anything else. It's a Chinese restaurant, they serve dimsum, no pork no lard, I think it's a right decision as it won't be segmented but good food for everyone. 

Asiatale Resto & Bar
Jl Suryo no 15 Senopati


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  1. Chinese food is always in trend all around the world, as I'm running my own hotel 'Miamia house in the desert' and keen to know more about recipes so that can give something to the people they had never tasted or enjoyed. This time I tried 'Dumplings' one of the famous chinese food and trust me...maximum people liked it the most and appreciated it.

    Here above couple of delicious recipes are given which I would surely try soon! Keep sharing! I would look forward!