Buns & Meat Jakarta: Home For Amazing Pork Dishes

True that today it's much easier to find pork dishes in a restaurant in Jakarta. Back to few years ago, it's quite hard, unless in a Chinese restaurant. From Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, Buns & Meat offers more than just a burger, I said amazing pork dishes. It is located at Ruko Crown Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk, close to First, let's start with something fresh, I got fresh apple juice, what I like is because they separated the sugar syrup so you can really adjust the amount of sweetness as your preference. Flavoured Latte, very interesting, it was Peach Latte. 

apple juice IDR 18.000

peach latte

Honestly I have no idea if they're specializing in pork dishes until I came and looked at the menu, as most of the time (I know some of you did it too) I browse on Instagram account before visiting the restaurant. Well anyway, no regrets, though I am not a super fan of pork but seriously I can't say no to their Charsiew, it was sooo good. Smoky, sweet, slightly charred fat, also the sambal was really nice too, fresh spicy garlicky, perfect match for greasy pork. 

charsiew IDR 65.000

More pork, we got roasted pork belly in two ways, deep fried pork belly and stir fried pork belly in special house sauce. Second one was better to my palate, again both served with the special sambal, crispy pork belly coated with tangy sweet - spicy - aromatic sauce, a must order.

Roasted Pork Belly

Big burger with cheese over the patty, bacon, poached egg, cheese sauce, clamped in homemade brioche. Served with coleslaw and think cut fries (my favorite!). The Runny Mess, yes you'll definitely end up with a mess, I mean your hand. 

The Runny Mess Burger IDR 79.000

OK, this is not on the menu but probably soon, stir fried homemade pasta with bacon, shimeji mushroom, and green bean. It's more like Asian stir fried noodles, but personally I like the homemade pasta noodles, nice texture, a bit chewy, though I think it will be better with cream base sauce or pesto. 

Another pork, BBQ pork ribs over potato fries, it's not super tender, BBQ sauce was quite nice but they also have the spicy Korean and Balinese style ribs, sounds so good! I'm not a super fan of pork but if you asked me if I will go back to Buns & Bite, definitely yes. Go for their charsiew and the stir fried roasted pork belly. Cooking pork is not as easy as chicken, plus point because their pork dishes did not smell "porky" well if you get what I mean. 

BBQ Pork Ribs

Buns & Meat Jakarta
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D no 28
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

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