Sate & Gule Kambing Lemans

Sate & Gule Kambing Lemans

Sate, one of the most popular Indonesian food. Skewered meat, grilled, smoky, savory, and a little bit sweet. The most common is one with peanut sauce. Chicken and beef are often found in Indonesian restaurant. But there's another version made from lamb that generally can be love/hate relationship with sate lovers. This place is known for its sate kambing. Well, at first I doubted it, thought that it won't be good. In fact, it was quite nice. Ordered sate sapi (beef satay) and sate kambing (lamb satay), surprisingly the lamb was so much better than beef sate. Smoky, tender, and it didn't smell. Steamed white rice, peanut sauce, and pickles were best companions for meaty dinner.

Using hot plate for serving to keep the meat warm, at least until the time it goes into the mouth. A bowl of comforting Gule is a must to order, I did manage to order Tongseng but unfortunately it was sold out. It's surely not an everyday meal to me but once a while, so whenever in Bandung and craving for sate kambing, you know where to go, an alternative to the famous Sate Maulana Yusuf that is my favorite for sate ayam (chicken satay).

Honestly I got confused at first as the location on Google Map did not accurate. So, this one is located at Jalan Buah Batu atas (one way), the place is on the left side.

Sate & Gule Kambing Lemans
Jalan Buah Batu (yang satu arah)

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